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ActiveThai.com Language Lessons

Book One:
Reading & Writing Thai

Use our interactive study widgets and video lessons to learn the Thai alphabet, including the name and sound of all consonants and vowels, and how to sound out Thai words.

Introduction to the Thai Tones

This introduction to the Thai language can help you to understand about the Thai consonant classes, long and short vowels, and the five Thai tones.

The 44 Thai Consonants

In this lesson you will start learning the Thai alphabet. Though not a true alphabet, the Thai writing system consists of 44 consonants, 32 vowels, and several punctuation marks.

The 32 Thai Vowels

In this lesson we will introduce the Thai vowels, and help you to understand the difference between the long, short, and diphthong vowel sounds of the Thai language, and how they effect the tone rules.

Spelling Thai Sounds

In this lesson you will learn to spell out the sounds that make up Thai words. You've learned the consonants and vowels, so now let get down to the basics of how Thai syllables are formed.

Learning the Thai Tone Rules

In this chapter you will learn to put everything that you have learned about the Thai consonants together with vowels and the final consonant sounds to learn the tone rules, then learn how these rules are modified using one of the four Thai tone marks.

Book Two:
Basic Thai Conversations

This section teaches you the basic Thai conversations that you will need to know in order to begin speaking Thai in a wide variety of subjects. Learn to introduce yourself, ask questions, identify things, count in Thai, and most importantly, use the correct grammar and word tone so that you will be easily understood.

Meeting and Greeting People

Use this chapter to learn your first Thai vocabulary words, then how to put them together into a basic conversation where you meet and greet other people.

Introducing Yourself in Thai

In this chapter you will expand on what you know about meeting and greeting people in Thai by learning how to ask someone's first and last name, how to tell people your own name, and how to correct them if they get your name wrong.

Identifying Objects

The Thai exercises in this chapter will help you learn to identify objects and ask someone what they are called.

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