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Book Two: Basic Thai Conversations
Basic Thai Conversations

Basic Thai Conversations

1 ■ Meeting and Greeting People

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Active Thai is a work in progress. Please check back often for new lessons.

Exercises in this Chapter:

1) Vocabulary Exercises

In this lesson you will learn the basic words that you'll need to meet and greet other people in Thai. Learn to say hello, ask how someone is doing, and say how you are feeling, etc.

2) Learn the Basic Dialog

Now that you have learned the words for a basic dialog where you meet and greet people in Thai, let practice the sentences and put it all together.

3) Hello. I'm fine.

This simple drill application quickly teaches you the Thai grammar that you will need to switch the personal pronoun in the sentence, I am fine, so it then means You are fine.

4) I'm fine. How are you?

Learn to quickly switch the meaning of a Thai sentence with these easy to use substitution drills and exercises.

5) Statements and Questions

With these word transformation drills you will quickly learn to form questions in Thai using หรือ and ไหม at the end of a sentence.

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