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Book One: Reading & Writing Thai
Reading & Writing Thai

Reading & Writing Thai

3 ■ The 32 Thai Vowels

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Active Thai is a work in progress. Please check back often for new lessons.

Exercises in this Chapter:

1) 12 Short Vowel Sounds

Use this website widget to practice saying the 12 Thai short vowel sounds. Print the exercise worksheet so you can learn to write the vowel shapes and easily memorize the sounds.

2) 12 Long Vowel Sounds

This easy to use program teaches you to know the shape of the Thai long vowels, and how to say their names.

3) Eight Special Vowel Symbols

There a 8 special vowels in Thai. While not true vowels, they are special symbols and letter combinations that represent specific vowel-consonant sound combinations.

4) Compare Long & Short Vowels

Use this widget to listen to a side-by-side comparison of the Thai long vowel and short vowel sounds. Vowel length is an important factor in determining the tone of Thai words.

5) Long & Short Vowel Practice

In part two of this section you'll learn to recognize whether a Thai vowel is long or short by looking at the script.

6) Practice The Thai Vowels

This user-friendly web widget will help you to learn, speak, and memorize the Thai vowels. Use the attached worksheet to practice writing the vowel shapes so you will never forget them.

7) Identify the 14 Thai Short Vowels

This page will test how well you can recognize the Thai short or long vowels. Knowing the length of a vowel is an important part in speaking Thai with the correct tone.

8) Identify the 18 Thai Long Vowels

Use this application to test your knowledge about the Thai long vowels. Save your top score, then return to take the test again.

9) Listen and Type the Thai Vowels

This handy application checks your ability to recognize the name and sound of the Thai vowels, then checks your input from your Thai keyboard.

10) Listen and Write the Thai Vowels

This app will help to reinforce what you already know about the Thai vowels. Writing is the best way to memorize the shape of the vowel while you also study the name and sound.

11) Complex Vowel Sounds

There are several vowel sounds created by adding the sonorant consonants ว and ย to the end of regular vowels.

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