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Book One: Reading & Writing Thai
Reading & Writing Thai

Reading & Writing Thai

4 ■ Spelling Thai Sounds

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Active Thai is a work in progress. Please check back often for new lessons.

Exercises in this Chapter:

1) Consonant with a Vowel Sound

You have already learned the sound of consonants and vowels, now use this application to study the sound they makes together in a simple Thai syllable.

2) The Thai Final Consonants

Most consonants can be used at the end of a syllable, but there are only eight final consonant sounds that they produce. Use this application to memorize the final consonants and how they effect live and dead syllables.

3) Consonant, Vowel, Consonant

Now that you know what consonants can be used at the end of a Thai syllable, and what sound they make, you can start to put them together and start to learn the concept of live and dead syllables.

4) Seven Vowels That Change

There are seven Thai vowels that change form when in the medial position of a syllable. That means if there is a consonant in final position, the way the vowel is written changes. However, it is still sounded the same way.

5) Listen and Read Thai Syllables

This application will give you practice listening to the spelling of some Thai syllables. Think about the order in which the native speaker says the spelling of these sounds, and try to guess the word. It's easier than you think!

6) Listen and Type Thai Syllables

By now you should be able to recognize the Thai consonants and vowels by their name, sound, and shape. Use this application to practice them using your the Thai keyboard on your phone or computer.

7) Listen and Write Thai Syllables

This application will help you to listen to Thai words and write what you hear. Writing is the best way to reinforce what you know, so use this widget often to practice your Thai.

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