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getting sound files . . .

kaw kwaai

kaw kon

kaw rá-kang

ngaw ngoo

chaw cháang

saw sôe

chaw cher

yaw yǐng

taw montoe

taw pôo-tâo

naw nehn

taw tá-hǎan

taw toeng

naw nǒo

paw paan

faw fun

paw sǎm-pao

maw máa

yaw yák

raw ruua

law ling

waw wěhn

law jù-laa

haw nók-hôok

24 Low Class Consonants

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Before You Continue . . .

. . . you should be able list all the Middle Class & High Class Consonants on paper, know their names, and the sound they make.

The application on this page will help you to learn the Low Class Consonants.

About the Low Class Consonants:

The first consonant in the low class group is named kaw kwaai. Kaw is it's sound, said with mid tone, and kwaai is the Thai word for buffalo. Kwaai is also said with mid tone, because of the same rule. Other words may have different tones, so follow the transliterated names and pay close attention to our tone hint marks.

The letter (kaw kon) is now obsolete, but you will still need to know its name, and that it is used to make the k sound. Obsolete just means that it is not used to spell any new Thai words.

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More to come . . .

Active Thai is a work in progress. Please check back often for new lessons.

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More to come . . .

Active Thai is a work in progress. Please check back often for new lessons.