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Tone Rules for Middle Class

Listen, think about the spelling, then refer to the tone rules below to find the correct rule.


consonant rule:
vowel length:
final position:
syllable type:
tone mark:
tone to use:
middle class
stop final

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Tone Rules for Middle Class:

If no tone mark is present, then there are two tones possible:

Live Syllable = Mid Tone
Dead Syllable = Low Tone

With tone marks, all five tones are possible:





* Rising tone and it's tone mark are not used with dead syllables.

Stop Finals
Short Vowels
Sonorant Finals
Long Vowels

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* Four Words with Special Spelling

There are four words that have been added to the group above that have special spelling. The silent is used before .

อย่าdo not
อยู่ to live , to be
อยาก to want
อย่าง a kind of

When you see this spelling, the low class syllable takes on the rules of middle class syllables. If a tone mark is used, it also follows the rule for middle class, but the mark itself is placed over the low class , not the silent .

*New punctuation mark:

There are many words in Thai that have a letter at the end which is silent. Anytime a letter is silent, it will have the mark we call gaa-raan over it. See the Thai word for beer, which is said like bia, with the r sound silent.

เบียร์ ( gaa-ran keeps silent)

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Active Thai is a work in progress. Please check back often for new lessons.

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More to come . . .

Active Thai is a work in progress. Please check back often for new lessons.